Toybank Impact Centres at Maharogi Seva Samiti , Nagpur

Toybank ended its year with a successful set up of 7 impact centres in association with Maharogi Seva Samiti ( MSS ). Maharogi Seva Samiti is a fifty-year legacy founded because of a chance encounter with a man stricken with leprosy.  Established in 1949 by the great humanist Baba Amte the organisation started with the objective of providing leprosy patients humanitarian relief, medical treatment, training and rehabilitation. Today it also caters to the needs of the physically handicapped, visually challenged, deaf & mute, destitute children, senior citizens & primitive tribal’s of the Madia Gond community.

The projects that we covered under MSS were - Anandwan, Somnath & Lok Biradari Prakalp, Hemalkasa. We were covered around 1233 children who belongs to the native tribe called Gond and Madia, the schools which were included in this project were Anand Anganwadi, Anand Zilla Parishad School, Anand Andh Vidyalaya, Anand Mukbadheer Vidyalaya, Somnath Anganwadi, Somnath Zilla Parishad School & Lok Biradri Ashramshala. 

Toybank received a excellent response from the teachers in the training programme. The session started with introduction to Toybank and the importance of play in child development. This was a very interactive session as teachers involved themselves in learning how to use play as a medium to teaching the children in the classroom.Toybank team trained the teachers on how to play the board games, and also explained objective of each and every toy. Lastly the teachers also got trained on how to maintain the documentation of the toy library, the format of registration was discussed in details with addition of few do’s and don’ts. Play session was conducted at the end of the training to make the child familiarise with the games


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