Dongri Children’s Home Toy Library Set up 26th December 2013:

On my first ever Toy library set up, we went to Dongri, Sandhurst road, with two huge boxes. It was backbreaking work. We were showed in to a room by the counsellor; she was a smart, well spoken and a caring person. The place looked warm and made me comfortable. Drawings were pinned up on the walls, some of their craft work had been displayed, there was a huge doll house which had been freshly painted and there were many kids of all ages.
 As soon as they saw the cartons, excitement and ecstasy rushed up their spine. The room sprang to life. The teacher realized that things could get out of hand so she sent most of them back to their rooms. Ruta and I unwrapped the toys. Then we removed each toy, explained it to the teacher, stuck a sticker on it and put it in the wardrobe. The event rolled over smoothly. The Place is looked after by Aangan (NGO).

-Raj (Tridha)


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