Distribution event at Snehasadan on 8th June 2013

Morgan Stanley partnered with Toybank to distribute toys to over 200 children in two NGOs.

Morgan Stanley had a collection drive across all their branches in Mumbai at the end of which a few volunteers from Morgan Stanley met on the first of June in the office in Goregaon with a few Toybankers to sort and wrap the toys collected. The toys collected were wrapped in newspaper and sorted into different categories to make it easier to distribute to the children in the NGOs.

The Toy Distribution at Snehasadan was held on the 8th of June. The volunteers from Morgan Stanley were briefed about the activities planned for the day so that they could help out in conducting the event smoothly. The children slowly trickled in as they were slowly split into 6 different groups. The volunteers were assigned groups and they went about warming up the children with a few rounds of ‘Simon Says’. Followed by this, they were taught how to play ‘group knot’, where the whole group except one person had to form a knot by randomly interweaving their hands and the person who wasn’t part of this had to untangle the whole knot. Slowly, the groups formed more and more knots, each time making it more challenging to be untangled. To make the game even more challenging, two leaders were selected, one who would make the knots and the other who would solve these knots. These games imbibe not only a sense of team work but also enhance the leadership qualities. However the best, and ofcourse the most important thing is that these games are pure fun :P

After this, a game of Tunnel Ball was organized. Each group was made to stand in a line and a ball/soft toy had to be passed from one person to another front to back. Once the last person had the ball, he had to run to the front of the line and then rinse repeat. The game ended when the first guy would reach the beginning of the line again. The children were so eager to win that they all started even before the rules could be explained fully. The teams slowly progressed as the volunteers cheered on their own groups and motivated them to move forward. The slow progress soon turned into frenzied haste as the teams raced to win. We had a photo finish as two of the teams finished almost simultaneously. It was really heartwarming to see the kids enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Now that all the children were excited, we had one last game of four corners. The children ran around in circles as the beat of the spoon on the plate reverberated through the air. The four corners were named after 4 different colours and were manned by volunteers wearing that color. We were surprised as the children seemed to know the game better than we did. Many of the kids chose the yellow corner as it was manned by our very own Toybanker Jainesh, who seemed to have become a favourite among the children. But unfortunately, yellow was the first team to get out. At the end there was a close contest between the blue and red with the red corner finally ending up as the winners.

After an hour of activities and entertainment, the children were then given their toys. Each child was given a toy to take home. The children jumped with joy all excited as they got their toys and ran around to see what their friends had got and to play with their toy. This brought to an end an event that was filled with fun and excitement with the happy children and enthusiastic volunteers always jumping around to make the most of the day. The session was wrapped up with a few photos taken with the volunteers and all the children. It was a heartwarming experience for everyone to make the children happy and put a smile on their face.

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