Dr. Laff a Lot visits Wadia Hospital!

Toybankers had a lovely time interacting with the children at Wadia Hospital and distributing toys to them. 
Dr. Laff a Lot (our very own Happy Toybanker - Pravin Tulpule) attended to all the children in the wards to give them a dose of laughter!
Toybank volunteers Seema and Kanchan, put all their efforts to collect loads of toys from friends in their society before this event, and collected 80+ toys in good condition and gift wrapped them for this event.
Thank you to Seema & Kanchan and all of you who contributed to this collection! 
Toybank distributed toys to a 150 children at Wadia Hospital on the 29th of June, 2012.

Here are some quotes from the volunteers regarding the event: 

Joesph Roshan: "After an eventful day in Wadia hospital, as I looked back I saw many children smiling and we were the reason behind their glowing faces. I think this was the least I could do for those needful kids and the time I devoted was definitely worth it. Mr. Pravin was at his funniest best and he surely tickled few bones, including the nurses and staff present there. 
Although it was a bit disheartening to not have youth volunteers but it was equally astonishing to see middle aged working mothers turn up as volunteers for Toybank. 
All in all we had a wonderful day and I am hoping to participate in many such events."

Seema Achan: 
I can't forget the day we visited Wadia Hospital..it was a very touching and humbling experience.
Oh God...we are so blessed just to have a normal life, we should be thankful for that!
We had a fundoo time with Pravin too..:) he was a total riot! Loved his sense of humour! 
We should do distributions in hospitals more often... it really meant a lot not just for the kids but also for their parents! Cant help feeling that am so so lucky to have been a part of Toybank..its enriched me so much!'
Toybank would like to thank all our volunteers -Pravin, Srishti, Seema, Savita, Sharon, Kanchan, Joesph and Seshadri - for being a part of this event :)

Thank you to Divya and the Social Service Department at Wadia Hospital, to allow us to conduct this event, and to constantly guide us with the partnership with Wadia Hospital. We hope to conduct such events once every 6 months at Wadia Hospital for the children there, and in future to set up a permanent Toy Library for the recovering children at Wadia Hospital!


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