Little Toybankers help us check the toy stock at the Toy Library in Vidya Vikas School

Toybankers visited the Vidya Vikas Sabha Vidyalaya in Borivili on Friday the 15th of June for the sorting of toy stock in the Toy Library. These toys had been given by the Toybank, to the school a year ago and there had been an addition to this library thrice after the Library started. 

Some of the children of various classes volunteered to help. It was good to see the speed at which they meticulously sorted through the games and solved the puzzles to make sure there weren’t any pieces missing! They chattered happily as their tiny hands worked their way through the board games that were piled high. 
They were sincere and very responsive to the volunteers and it was a pleasure working with them. 

We sorted and coded all the games of the primary and secondary section, organising them in a systematic manner, so that the children at Vidya Vikas School could make the most of it. 

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