Happy hours with the kids at FSC!

Toybankers had a fun event with the Balwadi children at Family Service Centre in the month of February, 2012.

Family Service Centre is a voluntary organisation which has been sought to reach out to families in difficult circumstances through its various non-institutional and community- based programmes. It is committed to preserve, promote and strengthen the family as a unit for the past 50 years.
Family Service Centre

Toybankers gathered with lots of craft material and loads of toys for the Balwadi children at Family Service Centre in Colaba. The Toybank volunteers sat with the children and made colorful and creative paper collage. 
All the children were very happy and delighted to do the activity with their friends and volunteers, and enjoyed tearing and sticking paper, so as to make a beautiful design. Later the children and the volunteers sang a couple of nursery rhymes and poems as well. 

At the end of the session, all the children were gifted toys. At the sight of the toy the childrens’ faces brightened up. Some of them instantly started playing with the toys as soon as they moved out of the centre!

Check out some fun pics here


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