Volunteer of the month - January 2012!

Here come the Toybank Volunteer of the Month... 'Mukta Sachdeva' from Deloitte

Mukta joined Toybank under the volunteering programme from Deloitte since October, 2011. Since then she has been consistently volunteering for the follow-up events at our Toybank Play centres.

Here's a small QnA session we had with Mukta:

Toybank: What brought you to volunteer with us?
Mukta: I always wanted to do volunteer work specially teaching children since my school days , something I'd seen my grand parents do for the community , but   I never really got the time to from academics , but here in Deloitte I got the perfect opportunity to do the same.

Toybank: What is your most memorable experience with Toybank?
Mukta: The moment came during one of the sessions with the kids where in I'd the chance to talk to them and experience their lives , schedules , ambitions ,  which just greatly moved me.
I am moved by their beautiful way towards life and the hope they have for future with their ambitions , their social and economic plight has never deterred them from their dreams and jest for life..........I was indeed greatly moved and really inspired.

Toybank: What do you think about volunteering in general?
Mukta: Everyone should do it , the amount of experience that one gains is irreplaceable.

Toybank: What keeps you motivated to volunteer? 
Mukta: I think the fact that I always wanted to do this keeps me moving , the idea of gaining experience from every class and being able to contribute towards the society just makes me look forward to the next session.
Thank you Mukta, for all your time and effort, and keep Toybanking! :-)


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