Toybankers spend time with kids at Prerana!

Toybankers spread happiness among the children at Prerana NGO.
 A bunch of 12 volunteers from Toybank got together for sharing stories with the little children at Prerana.. Volunteers also taught the elder children how to make different type of caps! The children enjoyed making the caps and also sung some songs for us!
At the end Toybank volunteers distributed toys to all the children which brightened up their faces. All the children opened their toys after the event and immediately started play with their own toys :) 

Here's what our volunteer Purvi has to say about the event: 

'Let me start by first thanking all of you for letting me be a part of Toybank. It is truly a pleasure to be a part of this initiative. My first experience as a “Toybanker” has been phenomenal and soul satisfying. It was wonderful to see how a small action of our’s can bring wide smiles on the faces of those children who have may have been deprived of the basic happiness (toys). It was fun as well as a learning lesson for me while I spent my time with the kids. It teaches us how small things can make big differences in the lives of some. The good part was that as a Toybanker we did not differentiate between the kids on the grounds of intelligence, caste etc. Everyone was equally treated and played with. The kids also enjoyed our visit. They too took the initiative to say their poems, sing song aloud to us and even interacted with us. It was really nice to see the light in their eyes, when gifts were being distributed. They could not wait to open the toys and start playing with them. It was fun to see them play. Toybank made a difference in the lives of all these kids. It was a great experience and I look forward to many more of such experiences.'

Pictures... Coming soon!


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