It's time to pin up some collages!

The Toybank paltan with the girls at League of Mercy were all set to make beautiful collages out of waste newspaper and magazines.  Toybank’s artistic volunteers Ami and Rachana drew wonderful pictures on A4 size sheets which were given to different groups of girls to work on. 
The girls busy making collage:

Volunteer speaks:
Nimish –The Photographer

“It was a wonderful experience to be with Toybank at an orphanage, the League Of Mercy. I remember when I was a kid I used to play with miniature cars and used to feel like a hero chasing the robbers. I would bash another car as if I was in a combat. I created my own virtual world where I was 007 or sometimes Flash Gordon. Those toys gave me power - power of Imagination. Imagination is a skill of projecting the future and it enhances one's ability to survive in a highly dynamic environment. I am fascinated by the idea of giving these toys to kids from socio-economically deprived community for free.

I would share with you one of such my childhood memory when I was a kid maybe 2-3 yrs old. I used to play in my neighbor's house who was a photographer. He used to click lot of my images while playing and one such image was of me playing with his camera case.

Had those memories not haunted me till this age I wouldn't have been a fine art photographer today. 

Toys gave a shape to my life and I am sure to many others too.”

Manan – Toybank's Angel

“I have no name: I am but two days old." What shall I call thee? "I happy am" Joy is my name.Sweet joy befall thee!
-William Blake

“The above quotation came true when Toybank strives to protect the right to play of the kids at the League Of Mercy at the Byculla. The NGO Toybank gave many quality toys to the fun loving children at the League of Mercy. The coordinator of Toybank Farnaza along with many dedicated volunteers organized a collage making session for the lesser-privileged girls at that place. It gave enormous joy and brought out the creative side of the little girls.

The colourful and innovative collages showed the budding young minds and the innocence of these girls.Who says that there is nobody for these children? Gods have sent their angels to take special care of them.
In the end all of us were left with some sweet memories and the smiling faces of those small minds!!”

Rachana – The Core Toybanker 

“Volunteering for one of the March events at the League of Mercy was a very good experience for me. Seeing the smiles on the little faces was just great. I was glad to be part of their smiles. It also bought back my childhood days where we used to create craft and enjoy playing and competing with other teams trying to be the best. It was great to meet the other volunteers too. I would love to be part of future events.”

After the collages were made we asked the in-charge of the home, Ms.Bardey, to have a look at the work the girls did. She was very happy with the session and appreciated their work and told them to pin it up on the drawing board in the corridor. The children with the help of the volunteers proudly pinned up their collages which will remain as good memories.

Click here for more pictures.

Later Toybank left around 40 toys for the children at the centre which will be distributed to the children after their exams.


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