A day out with children from Jagdamba Camp, Sheikh Sarai!

Toybank Delhi organized its 6th toy distribution event with children from the Jagdamba Camp at Sheikh Sarai. Aarohan runs a nursery for 50-60 children, all under 5 years of age from the slums around the camp. 

Toybankers followed the staff from Aarohan through the tiny lanes of the slum at Sheikh Sarai and reached this little room where all the children were impatiently waiting to meet us. Since there was not enough room for the volunteers to kick-start the fun activities inside the room, the President of Aarohan Mrs Rani Patel spoke to the people at the nearby Police Station and arranged for a fun time at the station :)

All the volunteers then slowly took the tiny tots to the station area put the carpets down and had fun with the children for few minutes. Some of the children were too small and started growing impatient because of the afternoon heat that was beating down on us. Aarohan staff had arranged for Halwa-Puri and Kheer, so volunteers started distributing the same to keep the children busy for while. This was quickly followed by Toybank's toy distribution.

We thank all the 9 volunteers, out of which 4 of them have volunteered with us on earlier occasions as well. We also thank the toy donors from Heritage City, Gurgaon for their generous toy donations and we thank our Toybankers Mita Bedi and Jacob for organizing a drive at Heritage City.

We thank our volunteers Aseem and Shikha who sponsored the Parle-G biscuit packs for all the 50 children at the camp. Catch all the action here!


It is such a pleasure to watch those little happy faces. Good work !! I can totally understand the happiness being associated with an
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