Toybank visits Bal Anand

2011 has arrived but Toybank's 2010 updates seem to be still coming! :)

Toybank had an awesome time with the children at Bal Anand on the 14th of December, 2010!

Many Toybankers got together to spend time and play games with the children at Bal Anand. We donated 50 toys which will be used to set up a play centre.

Here's what Toybanker Nidhi had to say about this event:

"My first ever experience of being involved in a social cause.Had always heard about little kids who are orphans and who themselves learn to survive in this world. But it felt great to see that there are people or rather social workers who have taken up this responsibility to help these children grow in a better way.

The kind of pleasure I got by being with those innocent and lovely kids for just a couple of hours was surely more satisfying than anything else.The happiness explicitly expressed by the kids while receiving toys from the Toybank volunteers still brings a smile on my face. 

For the first time I felt proud of myself for devoting my time outside of the routine schedule for such a noble cause which I am sure makes me feel a better human being than before. I wish I could get more such future opportunities with Toybank where I can be a part of the activities undertaken so as to bring happiness in the lives of these kids in as many ways possible."

Catch some more dhamaal here!


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