Valentine's Day event with children in Thane!!


Toybank with the help of some 'super' volunteer employees from Accenture BPO has organised a Valentine's Distribution event for around 300 kids at Thane!!

Event is on Saturday, 13th Feb, 2010 !

We have tied up with 2 centers of Mobile Creches at Thane for this event. There will be a short volunteer orientation at sharp 10 am at the Lodha centre.

Anyone interested in participating please email us at

Thank you,
Happy Toybanking!


DJ said…
Thane event was great, it was Valentine's gift for those little kids. These kids belong to labour class working at builder developer Lodha builders. For these kids, most of us were like stars they can dream about, it was wonderful to be with them, distributing toys. They were cheering and were happy beyond limits. While leaving, all were chanting "come back next saturday..." and were screaming with "bye...thank you". You should have seen the sight, it was so cool, it touched my heart and brought that sense of achievement to contribute to society from which we have learnt so much. I would love to attend such events in future.
Play-Tales said…
Toybank shall keep you posted about all the events so you can attend every one of them!
Thank you for your solid support.

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