Toybank ties up with SMStodonate!

Toybank has tied up with, an organization which is using SMS to bridge the gap between the have's and have nots.

It helps connect people who wish to donate to the people who need donations. is an awesome way for mobile phone users to donate. Donate anything - old clothes , unused medicines, books, food, toys etc.

Once you send a SMS with a specific Keyword you are given the Name, Address, Phone No of a NGO in your City which needs the above mentioned things. You can then go and donate to the NGO. has activated this service for Toybank in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune where Toybank is already operational. So If you are in Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore and wish to donate toys - just type "Toys StdCode" and send SMS to 96655-00000 !!

We thank for helping us reach out to many more kids in the country!!


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