Global Giving visits Toybank!

Toybank hosted one of Global Giving’s In-the-Field officers, Sachin, at the Toybank office and play session in June!

Through the day, we walked Sachin through our vision, mission, projects and plans for the year ahead. A well-connected, knowledgeable man on a mission, he was full of appreciation, suggestions and ideas for us to grow our reach on Global Giving and on the ground.

Also part of our day with Global Giving was a fun-packed play session at our Ashadeep Centre in Andheri, where Sachin participated in the play session and conducted an activity of his own with the kids, a rhythm and memory game that kept the kids, our volunteers, field officers and team members on their toes and engaged throughout!

We’re pleased to share more of our work with Global Giving, a platform that has offered Toybank a lot of resources and support, worked for us and thousands more organizations like us. Being part of the Global Giving network has been a stimulating learning experience and a fund raising opportunity like no other for Toybank, and we’re excited to give the suggestions Sachin has made for boosting our effectiveness and presence on it a good whirl!

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