DATE: 15TH August, 2015, Saturday.

After weeks of preparations and a lot of anticipation, the day that marked the 68th year of independent India, 15th of August finally arrived. It was a day of great joy for the Toybank team as well as the children of Shree Geeta Vidyalaya, Govandi. Many boxes of toys wrapped as gifts were brought in and 65 happy and excited volunteers entered the school that morning with just one aim in mind – to have a beautiful time with the children and share a toy with each one. This mega toy distribution is an event religiously conducted by Toybank every year from the past 10 years, and each year Toybank selects one school from some of the vulnerable places in the society and does its part in making the children a little happy on a very special day. The volunteers and the interns, guided by the team members attended the flag hoisting ceremony and the small performances by the children, while carrying out the process of placing boxes filled with toys in each classroom, encouraging the children to truly enjoy themselves freely and constructively through creative and competitive indoor games. These play sessions went on for almost two hours by which time all the children were waiting with excitement to receive their gifts from the boxes. This is when the clown arrived in the class and very uniquely, through the use of humor, taught the children a few important life lessons which had to sink in the minds and hearts of every child present. Finally, when the toy distribution started, all children were called one by one and asked their ambition and aspiration in life, for which few of them came up with very unique and impressive answers. They were each given one modestly wrapped gift after which they proceeded home. The event ended with Mrs. Shweta Chari addressing her gratitude and excitement for all the contributions and participation by everyone that made this event such a success.


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