Toybank at Anandwan,Nagpur

The journey started with a jerk and the excitement of the Toybank team as the train accelerates towards Anandwan for replacement of toys and a bag full of memories. Anandwan, a small village situated in the premises of Nagpur spreads out their arms to welcome Toybank into their world of healing major social issues along with the young souls being differently able. It’s an honor for Toybank to be a part of this optimistic society wherein hard work and fun join hands to fulfill the needs of the people and spread smiles and joy into their lives. 

The major aim of this visit was to train the local teachers and replace the old toys with new ones, also giving the teachers the eagerness to learn something new from the scratch, to a big picture. It’s altogether a different sight when observing an adult turn into a child in the process of discovering new ideas of playing or even new toy or games.Our replacement will cater to 1233 children at Anandwan,Somanth and Hemalkasa.

However, it was a time well spent and were still counting on many more such memories to make this year an exciting one.


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