Toybank adds more Impact Centers in Raigad district

“Play is the highest form of research” 

The week was very adventurous and full of learning. This time our target was to spread our work covering 15 schools and 2,270 children in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Toybank tied up with three Ngo’s namely Amardeep Charitable Trust, Sarva Vikas Deep & Institute of Social Service, working very closely with the Katkari tribe in Raigad.  All the three organization work for the upliftment of the Katkaris, one of their aims is to motivate the parents to send their kids to school. Our partnering organization had selected the schools understanding that the tribal children ratio.

During the trainings it was observed that the children travel 2-3 kms to attend schooling. On the other side one of the tribal pada shifted its basement of the hill so that the children need not walk kilometers to reach school. But there were also cases seen where the parents were not willing to send their kids to schools which was affecting their growth and most importantly creating hurdles in their education.

Toybank's toys will be a medium used to increase their interest level towards attending the schools. The teachers would be using the games to make thier teaching more vibrant and interesting, The toy library has different types f games which would enhance their overall development. 


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