Toybank celebrated Children's day at Wadia Hospital, 14th November 2013

Toybank celebrated its Children’s day with Wadia Hospital’s cancer patients, on children's day
We couldn't afford to play with the children's sensitivity knowing that they had Cancer, so we bought each of them brand new toys-160 Yoyo’s, 50 Mikado and 110 Brainvita. we spent 10080 rupees, which were donated by Delloitte.

Dr. Laff a Lot (our very own Happy Toybanker) went from bed to bed to all the kids and gave them gifts. The atmosphere was very jovial and the children were really happy.

There were around 165 kids and 8 enthusiastic Toybankers who were part of this wonderful event. We do wish to go back to Wadia Hospital very soon.

For more pictures, click here

- Shirley Patil (Intern)


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