New Toy Library at Maulana Azad School, Dharavi- 20th September 2013

20th September, 2013 was a special day because we were setting up a toy library and play centre for a school in Dharavi named –Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Educational Trust.

The scheduled time given to us to reach the school was 12:30 pm. Flooded with toys all four corners it was exciting to set up a new toy library. Searching for the right road, entering into the wrong lane we managed to find the school.

We brought down the toys and placed it into the place we were going to conduct the session. Soon the first batch of teachers arrived (Std. 5th-std 7th). Ruta ma’am introduced them to Toybank while I decided to click some photographs. Then we brought out each toy and explained it to the teachers, answered their questions etc. 

The next batch (std 1st-std 4th) it was the same process of explaining and playing with each toy. Finally, we had the Play center teachers with whom I played several games and it was fun. Meanwhile, ma’am explained to one of the teachers how to maintain a data for the toy library. 

After which we counted the number of toys. The total was 76 toys and not to forget brand new toys .everything went off so well and it was almost 4 pm  We thanked all the teachers for their enthusiasm and support.

For more picture click here

By Anandita (SNDT intern)


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