Warm Smiles at IAPA

It was a hot afternoon, 23rd May 2013, when a couple of interns and members of Toybank had a chance to visit the young faces of the IAPA NGO as the first distribution event of the Toybank-IAPA collaboration. The event took place at Khetwadi Municipal School, Grant Road and lasted for around two hours.
We were warmly welcomed by the members of IAPA and not to forget, the nervous and gloomy faces of the kids because they had been summoned to school on a holiday. We started with a few activities, involving all the kids. The game of “Fire in the mountain” turned out to be the perfect ice breaker. Followed with two other fun activities, it was relieving to see those gloomy young faces smile and finally enjoy their holiday.
A few of the talented lot also entertained us with their dance. The kids spoke to us about their ambitions and experiences in life. We, in turn shared ours. It was a pleasant surprise to see how motivated and ambitious the tiny tots were. The joy they felt was palpable as they clutched their gift wrapped toys in their tiny hands. The happiness, awe and cheer that followed was something that none of us can ever forget, something that Toybank has been doing for years but the experience still remains special every single time. Their enthusiasm and smiles filled the room with fresh energy and air. We returned with a lot more motivation, zeal and broader perspective and most importantly, dozens and scores of young blooming friends!


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