Toybanker celebrate Children's Day @ Trishul Learning Centre

Trishul is a registered charitable organisation working in all directions towards cause of Humans and Environment for almost two decades. At the Trishul Learning Centre, they provide free education for less-privileged children helping them to be more: self aware,  capable, responsible, independent and confident citizens. 


On this Children's Day, Toybankers gathered at Trishul Learning Centre at Versova, to spend jolly time with the children there.
Toybankers interacted with the kids, and taught them how to make caps out of newspaper.  

Our little Toybanker Rhea along with her friends, collected loads of toys for this distribution event.

Volunteer speaks: 

Deepika Unni - My daughter, Rhea, was very excited about the Toybank concept and tried to motivate her friends from school and building to donate one toy each and she had some success.
The activity at Josephs Wadi was an eye opener for Rhea and her 2 friends Harshika and Anushka.
It is so vital that we inculcate the spirit of giving In our young children and that's what I hoped to achieve. I know that Rhea and her friends will continue the work for Toybank and others too.
Rhea Unni - I hope our toys give the children as much happiness as they gave us.
Harshika - I loved the craft activities and being with the children and helping them. 
Anushka - Giving out the toys brought such big smiles to the kids. I am so happy seeing their smiling faces. 

Pictures of this event will be uploaded soon.


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