Kids+ IGCC+ Toybank = Joybank!

As part of the CSR activity and as part of the Germany Year in India (Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities), the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce has been involved with Toybank for toy collection and distribution events.

In December 2011, Toybank held a stall in the Mumbai Christmas Fest and the IGCC had undertaken a Toy collection drive under the project “Secret Santa”.  All attendees of the MCF were invited to donate their toys to IGCC and they donated the toys to Toybank.

Toybank tied-up with CORP Welfare centre for a toy distribution event.The event was held on the 30th of January, 2012 Monday. We had a fun-filled afternoon with more than 100 kids and distributed toys to all of them.

Here's what the representatives of IGCC feel about the Toy Distribution event: 

"IGCC then collaborated with Toybank to participate in the distribution of these toys among the less-fortunate children of the society. The IGCC visited a school ‘Crèche aided by Central Social welfare Board’ and managed by Community Outreach Programme (CORP) which is a few kilometers away from Virar. 
The school takes care of kids ranging from 3 to 12 years. Apart from teaching, a meal is also provided to them. Toybank had organized a few hours of fun-filled activities like outdoor games and storytelling for the younger kids. At the end of all activities, we distributed the toys to the children and instructed them not to open them till the entire distribution was over. To our surprise, the kids waited patiently till the last toy was given out. The smile on each child’s face was a great take away for all of us!

Play is so important to optimal development of the child that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child.
By undertaking this initiative with Toybank, the IGCC not only hopes to bring a smile to the faces of deserving children but also hopes to inculcate a spirit of giving among the more privileged children of the city." 

Here's what our newbie volunteer - Bhavika Arora has to say about the event:  
"The kids at CORP receive regular education in their centre but the purpose of this event was to gift them with something special that stays as one of their sweet memories. 
Some Toybankers taught class 1-4 kids some outdoor games like dog and the bone, kho kho, entangle etc and seeing the kids enjoying this to the fullest the Toybankers couldn’t control their excitement and in no time started playing with them. 
Smaller kids were told stories from picture books, and the kids also recited poems and sang songs with the volunteers.

At the end of the day the kids had a huge surprise, and the surprise was the toys that we all have grown up with! Each and every child was given a toy not to forget as per their age keeping into account the belief of giving morally correct toys. 

After the distribution was over, in no time we could see the wrappers lying all across the room and it was a pleasure seeing the kids playing with the toys. After all happiness is what we seek out right!"

Check out more pics here!


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