Toybank spends time with the kids at Vatsalya Foundation...

Toybank conducted a fun event for the kiddos at Vatsalya foundation in November. 
Our Toybank volunteer Jyoti Devjani had organized the whole event with a range of games and quizzes, the event ended with the volunteers distributing toys that were collected at the Rotract Club of Lala College(RCLC)

Toybankers at Rotaract Club of Lala Lajpat Rai College also volunteered in the Toy distribution event at Vatsalya foundation

Here’s what the volunteers at the RCLC had to say about the event:

“The interactive session we had with these children of Vatsalya made us realize how talented these kids are. They learn things easily by seeing and doing with fun. Basically fun and interactive learning is the simplest way to make kids learn. Moreover it makes us feel great that we are being the cause of someone's happiness. All the RCLC members had a great experience with the kids!
After going there we had entertainment sessions with them like first we had singing, acting or mimicry and then dance where the kids showed their talent. Then we made them play quizzes and games like spoon-lemon, relay races. After playing games and interactive sessions with the kids we distributed some toys. That made them all happy.
It was just a small effort on our part to bring happiness to these children and this surely wil give each and every child their right to childhood. 

All the children were so excited to receive their toy that they immediately got busy in playing with the toys within themselves.”

Toybank would like to thank Jyoti Devjani for hosting the event, and Manju Devjani, Tanisha, Raunak and Praachi for organizing the event so beautifully!
Also a BIG Thank You to the RCLC members for collecting and gift wrapping the toys for this event!

Click here to check out some pics of the event!


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