A real tribute to Chacha Nehru!

Toybankers team up to visit Asha Kiran to celebrate Children’s Day with the little ones there and to gift them toys!

Asha Kiran is a Charitable Trust which brings a ray of hope in the lives of lesser-privileged children to help them grow up to be self reliant , responsible and contribute to the society

Volunteer speaks...

Shruti Gaddamwar:
Saturday, the 12 of November 2011 marked a real tribute to Pandit Nehru. Two days prior to his 122nd birthday, around 200 kids at the Asha Kiran NGO made the ubiquitous and indispensable ‘Gandhi topi ‘, proudly displayed it and gleefully smiled when the ‘didi’s and the ‘bhaiiya’s asked them to put it on their heads. Another ‘type’ of topi, the cricketer cap, too drew in a huge applause, especially from the boys. After they donned the caps they had just made, the volunteers complimented them for looking like Tendulkar or Yuvraj Singh. The triumph they had on their faces is just beyond words.
The event began at 8am, with the kids being segregated according to their age. Kids below the age of 5 years, were grouped together, volunteers read them stories from the colorful story book and taught them a few rhymes. The volunteer singing the rhyme and the kids saying it after her, complete with actions and expressions was definitely a sight to watch! The kids aged 8 to 13 years, i.e. the ‘elder kids’ were further divided into two groups. While the first group learnt Gandhi topi, the other learnt the cricket cap, and vice-a-versa. Every time the volunteer taught them a step of the craft, they diligently followed it and what more! The kids wanted to practice each step till they were sure they got it right. That meant, should the paper tear, re-start with a new sheet, then if the new sheet too gets dirty, so what? Re-start again! ... the process goes on! The never say die spirit! At the end of the event, the place looked as if it were carpeted with newspapers!
The event ended at 10, with the prize distribution, wherein each child received a toy for participating. Looking at these smart and ambitious little future ‘netas’ , I’m sure Chacha Nehru must be super happy UP there!

It gives me immense pleasure to visit an event conducted by Toybank for the kids of Asha Kiran—an organization that has been established for the education and welfare of children. I would like to convey a special thanks to Farnaza for efficiently managing the event and for leading from all fronts. To celebrate Children’s Day, Toybank had organized an origami cum storytelling event in that children were taught how to make two types of caps and were told fun stories.
I was amazed to see the enthusiasm of these kids. Although I was a volunteer and was asked to assist the children in preparing paper caps, I was not able to keep up with the speed at which the children handcrafted their masterpieces!
In the end, all children were handed over a special toy and I was amazed to see the joy thriving on the smile of their faces.
Once again, I thank Toybank for providing me the opportunity to serve the society in a very fun way. I look forward to be a part of various such events.

Abhilasha Gajria:
Generally waking up on a Saturday morning comes in my NOT-To-Do list. But an initiative like Toybank is something I would gladly wake up for on a Saturday or even Sunday morning. Seeing the priceless smile on the faces of the kids when we taught them how to make ‘Chacha Nehru Topi’ and cricketers hat, was worth all the lost sleep. The kids were given toys too as a part of the 14th November children’s day celebration. Its things like these that give us something to look forward to in an otherwise monotonous life and allow us to spread little happiness and smiles in the life of the kids, as much as in our capacity.
Looking forward to many more such days with kids and as a Toybanker.

I had a great time at Toy distribution event at Ashakiran. It was after a long time that I played with so many kids. Teaching them origami, and interacting with them made feel immensely happy. I felt as if I am contributing in my own small way to bring a smile to their faces. I am Iooking forward for future Toybank activities as they give me a chance to contribute to the society and make it enjoyable at the same time. Kudos to Toybank for that.

"Toy Distribution"- the very name of the activity was so inspiring that it didn't make me to hesitate waking up early morning on a Saturday and travel all the way to andheri. Like the other play centers of Toybank, I tried to locate the four walls of Asha Kiran, but to my surprise, there were none...sharp on time there were kids gathering near the bus stand and started spreading the mattresses on the bare footpath. The teacher arrived and the humming good morning wishes reminded me my childhood. After a short breifing from the teachers and introduction of Toybank to the kids, we got the chance to play with the entire team. Separate volunteers were appointed for a small gangs of three or four to assist the children with origami. It was just a couple of days before Children's day, we taught them how to make Nehru caps using newspaper. The kids loved the session, and with great enthusiasm, they followed the steps for making their caps. Then we taught them to make cricket caps which were a bit tough than the first one, but the kids were smart enough, and they even decorated the cricket paper caps with their favorite cricket star paper cuttings.
Then, all the kids were gifted toys for participating in the session. The joy that was shown in their eyes, I have no words to explain. I feel happy and thank Toybank for giving me such a wonderful experience.

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