Slumdog Secret Millionaire Videos OUT Now!

Toybank was featured on Slumdog Secret Millionaire on Channel 4, UK on Sunday 17th January 2010.

In each episode a millionaire takes on a secret identity and immerses themselves in a deprived area.They become part of the community, working and volunteering with locals, while they consider who they would most like to help with gifts of thousands of pounds of their own fortune.

Millionaire dentist Seema Sharma left behind her British lifestyle and flew to Mumbai to volunteer with a number of organizations in the hope of finding worthy causes and individuals to support. She met inspiring people who've come up with ingenious solutions to help India's poorest citizens, including a mobile school to educate homeless children, a charity that persuades the wealthy to donate toys to underprivileged children, and a group reaching out to a community of rag pickers struggling to provide their families with basics such as water and proper sanitation.

All of us at Toybank are very overwhelmed by the response we received from each one of you in the UK. A simple 'Thank you' is all that we have with us for you. We want you to know, how much courage and confidence you have given us by showering Toybank with your love and support.

If you would like to donate your time or talent to fund raise for Toybank through 'The Sharma Foundation', click here

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us in UK, please write an email to


nicola said…
I just saw the episode in NZ...It changed my life! I want to help!
I think sending money is best...HIFX here I come.
Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing there, it really touched my heart.Nicola in NZ
Toybank India said…
Thank you Nicola! It is really nice of you to think of Toybank and to reach out to the children here.

Feel free to write in any queries at

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