Happy Children's Day

Toybank wishes you all a very Happy Children's Day... This one is for all the kids and every grown up who is doing something to make a difference to their lives. This is for all of us!

We love their prattle
Their cute hands with rattle
We love the way they gurgle
Their warm cuddle and snuggle

The tapping of feet when they run
Their peals of laughter and their squeal
When they're tickled
Their kiddy rhymes
Their angelic smiles
And devilish pranks
Their drawings
Their fancy dress

Run with them
Pamper them
Spoil them
Watch cartoons
Play catch and cook
Make them happy
See their eyes gleam
Let them know how special they are
It is their day, today and everyday!

Dhaval Roy
Toybank Team - Giving back the Right to a Childhood


Anonymous said…
Thank You

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