Next wrapping.. Sept. 3.. see you there!

Hope everyone is happy and kicking as ever!!
And if you are not, then get up and do something
about it! Life is crazy exciting!! Simply live it up all the time!

We know, Toybank has been quite for a while. After the 21st May'06 distribution Toybank has had no real big distribution.

We did have a small one though, at Goregaun aarey colony, where we gave away toys to a bunch of 25-30 smart little kids. These kids are taken care of by this organization called Dream India2020. It was a fantastic small distribution we had. They are a group of young gals and guys that have taken up the responsibility of educating and resurrecting the lives of the tribal kids from various parts of Bombay. Toybank was super inspired by them!

Well, the reason behind this post is to let you know that we are planning another day of toy distribution and fun with similar such cute kids sometime in November. (Children's Day month!)
So we need everyone of you to come along and help us in the wrapping session.

We have planned the toy wrapping session on the 3rd of September, 2006, Sunday. Send us a reply to confirm your presence by 27th of August, Sunday. There are two venues that you could choose from: Sion or Dadar.

The details:

Date: 3rd Sept'06, Sunday
Time: 11:30am onwards

Please call or email us asap and let us know which venue would be most convenient for you. And of course you could get along your friends too for this wrapping party!!!


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